Psychotherapist, Supervisor & Teacher

Weaving & gathering

threads of meaning


Past and present
Enigmatic landscape -enigmatic traces of human intervention in the landscape

Psychotherapy and counselling focus on the distinctively personal and interpersonal dimension of our existence in the world, and explore the nature of our experience, how it affects us and how we, in turn, affect and interact with others. My understanding, based on the developing evidence, and my experience with clients, is that the early years of our life shape us in ways which are very powerful, often to an unrecognised extent, and that it is really helpful to understand how we wrestle in the present with these patterns of feeling, relating, and behaviour formed in the past.

I also work to understand the way the therapeutic relationship itself – the way you and I interact – is influenced and develops in response to these patterns. By reflecting together on our own interaction, and ‘reading’ your own deeper self-awareness, we can usually both better understand your dilemmas and find the way to personal change and development.

The art of psychotherapy lies in ‘weaving and gathering threads of meaning from words into experiencing, from experiencing into words. The powerful feelings and are woven threads have to be capable of holding between both therapist and client’ (Pearmain 2001:11).

‘My unconscious knows more about the consciousness of the [therapist] than [her] consciousness knows about my unconscious’. Karl Kraus
Abandoned Argyll village


An initial consultation gives you the opportunity to explore whether working with me seems a useful option. Should you decide to proceed, we negotiate a ‘contract’ in relation to the timing and duration of the work, fee and payment arrangements, and arrangements for holiday breaks and cancellations, and this is clearly agreed at the outset.


We explore a range of treatment options:

  • weekly sessions of 50 minutes each (between 6 and 12 sessions, or on an open-ended basis)
  • fortnightly sessions of 1 hour 40 minutes each
  • a combination of face-to-face and Skype sessions
  • some other format, depending on your circumstances

Sessions take place in a private consulting room offering privacy and a confidential relationship.

Supervision & Consultation

I am available via Skype to undertake supervision on a regular basis, or to undertake one-off or occasional consultations on professional and organisational development. My Skype name is ‘marymaccallumsullivan1’

My approach focuses consistently on the ‘material’, whether this be the conversation between us, or based on clients’ or other relevant material brought to the session.

Fees 2017-18

Individual psychotherapy

  • Initial consultation fee (50 minutes)
  • Full fee (per session)
  • Concessions
  • Full fee (double session)
  • Concessions (double session)
  • Skype sessions as above
  • £25
  • £45
  • £35
  • £80
  • £60
  • As above

Supervision Fees 2017-18

  • Full Fee
  • Trainees
  • £50
  • £30